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            WATER HEATERS



Leaking Water Heater?
Old and ineffecient?

A small drip on a water heater could be as simple as a leaking supply line. It could also mean that the water heater has a major issue that can contribute to its failure. Call us today to schedule a water heater inspection or emergencyservice at 951-331-3869.

  • Run out of hot water in the middle of a shower?

  • Does it take a long time for hot water to reach a faucet or shower?

  • Tired of cold showers on cold days?

  • Is your gas bill excesive due to ineffecient eater heater?

  • Call us today so we can give you the hot water and comort you deserve at 951-331-3689.

Tankless water heaters
  • Did you know that a tankless water heater provides you with an endless supply of hot water when needed?

  • No more waiting until the water tank reaches its temperature.

  • Hot water reaches fixtures within a minute and continues until hot water is no longer needed.

  • Once hot water is turned off, the tankless heater turns off gas supply and you are no longer forcing the tank to maintain its constant temperature.

  • No more automatic heating at tank, means more effeciency.

  • Call us today to schedule an appointment or emergency service at 951-331-3689 

Let Luna Plumbing install your next water heater

Water heaters come in all sizes. There is no one size fits all. From residential, restaurant to large scale commercial applications, we have the water heater that meets your needs. call us today for emergency service or just a regular water heater inspection at      951-331-3689


Call us now at 951-331-3689 for immediate service

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